Makeup Revolution Spring Favourites |Blogger Collaboration With Twice The Talk

What an absolute pleasure and honour to have the opportunity to do an international collaboration with the lovely ladies behind ‘Twice The Talk’. Since Makeup Revolution just launched on our South African shores, I wanted to bring you genuine thoughts of the brand from those who are familiar with Makeup Revolution. Without further ado, enjoy this post xx

Hello! Our names are Natasha and Emily, and we are British beauty/lifestyle student bloggers from the UK, blogging over at Last month we started a series where we collaborate with other bloggers, with them writing for us and us writing for them, and this month we have the absolute pleasure of writing for Khalipha! As she is a South African blogger, this international collaboration is really fun and exciting for us, as we are able to write for different audiences from across the world.

When we were talking to Khalipha about what post to produce she suggested that we share some Makeup Revolution products suitable for Spring with you since this brand will soon be launching in South Africa and Spring is your current season. Being avid Makeup Revolution fans who have tried MANY products over the years, we took this idea and ran with it and have conjured up some of our Revolution Spring faves for you, even though that feels weird since we are just starting Autumn haha!

To introduce Makeup Revolution, they are an extremely affordable drugstore brand that is 100% cruelty-free which make amazing, high-quality makeup products that can easily be duped with the high end. The brand began mainly duping high-end products, with their Iconic palettes mirroring Urban Decay Naked palettes for example, but now has a wide variety of products on offer suitable for a massive range of people’s skin tones and tastes. They have something for everyone, and their affordable prices mean that their products certainly belong in your makeup collections.

MR Collab

In our Spring edit, we have chosen a few products which we think would be amazing for keeping a beautiful, dewy glow which we think is perfect for the upcoming season. Within this, we have chosen the Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation (ours is shade F6), the Conceal and Define Concealer (ours is C1), the Fast Base Stick Foundation (F1), the original Soph x Revolution collaboration eyeshadow and highlighter palettes, and the Revolution Blush palette in Sugar and Spice.

Conceal and Define Concealer and Foundation:

Following the huge success of the Conceal and Define Concealer, Revolution also released a Conceal and Define Foundation to go alongside it. Both of these act as dupes for the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and Foundations which the blogging community LOVE, so for a fraction of the price, they are definitely ones to try. Since it’s release the concealer has been the only one that I have used, as it provides full coverage and an incredible, long-lasting wearability which for £4 [R104.95] blows my mind. Throughout Spring I even just used this alone in replacement of foundation, as the coverage is definitely strong enough without feeling too heavy. The foundation is also well loved and well received by Revolution lovers and is a demi-matte finish that lasts all day long. Being demi-matte, this is amazing for matte foundation lovers in the Spring, as it is matte without being too drying – after all, Spring calls for some dewiness too! Overall, we absolutely adore these two and they are definitely daily staples, so if you can get your hands on them when Revolution launches for you, we would 100% recommend. What I really love about these is the vast shade range; Revolution currently have 24 shades on offer of the foundation, which, for a drugstore brand, is amazing! There are high-end products that charge £50+ with a tiny shade range, so that fact that Revolution can do it at such a low price is a win-win.

Fast Base Stick Foundation:

MR Collab4

Usually, I am not a stick foundation lover as they are too drying and never apply nicely, but that isn’t the case for this one. The formula glides and blends onto the skin so nicely and leaves a dewy finish which is beautiful in Spring. The staying power probably isn’t as good as the Conceal and Define, probably due to the difference in finishes, but I would still recommend unless you need something that will stay put for hours. It gives a gorgeous spring skin finish, which we love.

The Soph x Revolution Collaborations:

If you haven’t heard of her, though I’m sure you have, ‘Sophdoesnails’ is an extremely popular influencer in the UK and is one of Makeup Revolution’s online brand ambassadors who was the first to collaborate with the brand on making products. Her first collaborations with them included the Soph x Revolution eyeshadow palette and the Soph x Revolution highlighter palette, both of which I would class as gorgeous Spring staples. The eyeshadow palette has some amazing spring golds alongside some brighter pinks and more subtle champagnes, all of which are colours that I adore in Spring. As well as that, it also has some more warm toned shades, meaning that it is versatile and can be used for autumn and winter too. All the shades in here are really pigmented and blend gorgeously, and ours is definitely well loved!

The same can be said for the highlighter palette, which has 8 lovely highlighter shades that would suit all skin tones. Genuinely, this has been my daily highlighter since it’s launch, and you can’t even really tell the shades have been used, so it definitely is value for money! This one is another massive love for us too, especially to achieve a dewy spring finish, so definitely get one if you can!

The Blush Palette in ‘Sugar and Spice’:

MR Collab7

Blush is usually a trend in the Spring, so we just had to include this one. It has 8 lovely shades, with 6 more matte blushes, one baked blush and a glittery white highlighter, all beautiful for spring. Again, the highlighter shade and the shimmery pink would give a beautiful healthy spring glow, which we love. Amazing value for money if you ask me!

That concludes our post for Khalipha, and we really hope that this has been some benefit and a little guide to you as to what to pick up when Revolution is released for you. It has been a pleasure to write for Khalipha, and we can’t wait to see what she has produced for us too!

Will you be picking anything up from Revolution when it launches? Let us know!

Natasha & Emily x 


Twitter: @twicethetalk

Instagram: @twicethetalkblog


P.S. Click here to read my post on ‘Twice The Talk’ 


9 Replies to “Makeup Revolution Spring Favourites |Blogger Collaboration With Twice The Talk”

  1. Makeup revolution is super affordable and their quality is amazing. I mean there are few products that are kind of you know not really creative and just copies of what already exists, but recently they have been putting out so many amazing products. I can’t go without the Soph x Revolution highlighter palette, it’s sooo good.

    Laura /


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